(Picture part unsplash.com’s creative commons, individual image by Jason Leung aka ninjason)

Fiat currency, Gold standard, trickled down economics, supply-side economics, GDP, and so much more, in terms of actually monetary knowledge, mean absolutely nothing. Money, as most people think of it, doesn’t exist, and what people should be watching in regards to economy is almost never watched.

Mistake #1: Thinking money…

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words. So just take a moment to absorb the image above, which came from https://research.stlouisfed.org/publications/economic-synopses/2018/09/14/married-men-sit-atop-the-wage-ladder.

This is research from the Federal Reserve of St. Louse which did something not done before… separated wages into married and unmarried. It’s worth noting that unmarried men…

Lil Petersen

Politics: [Glasdog (Geo-Libertarian Anarcho-Socialist for Directly Organized Governance)] Gender: [Bigendered] Sexuality: [Bisexual] Religious views: [Neophist]

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